Bulk Vegetables for Home Canning, Freezing, and More

Delicious home-canned vegetables and pickles start with fresh, flavorful vegetables. Now you can buy your favorite Fat Turnip Farms sustainably grown vegetables in bulk for home canning, freezing, and juicing. We harvest, wash, and pack your vegetables within 24 hours of your pickup time to ensure you get them at the peak of perfection.

Popular Vegetables

  • Broccoli (freezing)
  • Cabbage (pickling/sauerkraut)
  • Carrots (juicing)
  • Corn, sweet (freezing, canning)
  • Cucumbers (pickling)
  • Green Beans (pickling, canning)
  • Onions (pickling)
  • Tomatoes (canning)


Availability varies (depending on the weather and other factors), so please contact us in advance to ensure we can provide the quantity you want when you want it.

Bulk Pricing

You will receive bulk pricing discounts based on the size of your order.

Contact us today for availability and pricing.

Green Beans - Kingston, WA