at Turnip Farms was founded in January of 2019.  The concept for this farm was largely influenced by the late George Vernon, who founded Northern Garden of Life in Ashland, Wisconsin. George always dreamed of helping people, and teaching young people how to work through mentoring programs.  Given our past involvement with Northern Garden of Life, as well as years spent farming vegetables in the Snohomish valley, we retain our passion for putting our hands in the dirt and growing great food.  At Fat Turnip Farms, our motto is “teach the children.”

While much of our harvest is done much the same way as it would have been 100 years ago, the growing practices are a hybrid of the organic and sustainable movements, coupled with good old fashioned science and a blend of sweat and dirt.  The Garden remains free of GMO seeds, is glyphosate free, and all inputs are OMRI certified.