Wedding Flowers Farm Kingston

Wholesale Flowers for Florists

Are you a florist looking for a reliable source for high-quality, locally grown Pacific Northwest seasonal flowers? We grow more than 130 types of flower varieties and colors, plus leaves, ornamentals, dried flowers, and bouquet fillers at our Kingston, Washington farm.

Open Early for Florists

June to first frost every year, we open our Kingston, Washington flower fields early each day by appointment for florists to pick flowers at their peak. Bring your buckets and pick exactly what you want. You will leave with fresh, high quality, long-lasting, beautiful flowers.

Wholesale Flower Patch Kingston, WA

Florist Pricing

Our florist prices are competitive with local wholesalers. Because you select and cut your own flowers, you only pay for what you want and need. You won’t pay for wilted flowers or spend time culling them out.

Get the Best Fresh, Seasonal Flowers for Your Arrangements

Talk with Bryan about your needs, pricing, and scheduling.

Wholesale Flower Patch Kingston, WA

Flower Gallery

Here’s a glimpse of a few of the flowers we grow at our Kingston, WA farm.