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Grown on Our
Kingston, WA Family Farm

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Vegetables and Flowers from Our Family to Yours

We are passionate about growing delicious, nutritious food and beautiful flowers! We prepare the soil in winter for a bountiful season filled with healthy and delicious vegetables, melons, herbs, flowers, honey, eggs, and more for your family’s table.

Flower Bouquet
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Home of the $5 
U-Pick Flower Bouquet

Select from more than 130 flower varieties in every color imaginable to make your bouquet.

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Bio-Centric Farming

Fat Turnip Farms vegetables are grown using sustainable, renewable, and bio-centric farming practices that promote healthy soil and nutritious produce. We use fertilizers and bio-additives certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

Ready to enjoy some delicious vegetables? It’s easy to get these tasty vegetables to your table.

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Fresh, Healthy, Veggies June – October

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