What vegetables do you offer?
We offer quite a variety, which is of course going to be largely dependent on cooperation of the weather and other factors.  This season’s offerings include green, purple, and yellow beans, beets, basil, dill, red, yellow and white onions, leeks, red, yellow, blue and fingerling potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkins, yellow and green zucchini, summer squash, pickling cucumbers, peas, slicing cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce.

this is a photo of bagged vegetables

Veggies at farmer’s market

Do you offer the same vegetables every week?

In some cases, yes, depending on the vegetable and how the harvest is going.  Usually it’s considered  a good thing to have a steady supply of any particular vegetable through the course of the summer.  For example, with green beans, there should be a steady supply around the beginning of August until the first frost, so if that was the case you should be eating green beans at least once a week.  However, with the variety of crops planted, and the strong will of Mother Nature, you can never count on anything in farming.  So, you probably will not have time to get tired of any particular vegetable.

this is a photo of very large onions

Large Onions

Where is the farm, and can I visit this year?

For the 2019 season, we have not established an on farm market.   However, if you want to visit or come to pick your own or pick up and order, we can accomodate this by appointment only.

Is the farm an organic farm?

All of the inputs we use, such as fertilizer, are OMRI certified. All our produce is non GMO, with an emphasis on heirloom varieties.  The farm has always been glyphosate free.   We have found a harmonic balance between old world farming practices and 21st century technology, laced with good old common sense.     Remember, we live where we work as well as eat what we  produce, so we have a high interest in seeing to it that what we do is safe and healthy for everyone, including ourselves.

canning tomatoes

Vine Ripened Tomatoes

What if I want canning quantities of a particular vegetable?
Let us know, we can make those available depending on how the harvest is going at market price.

What about picking my own vegetables at your farm?
Depending on how the season goes, picking your own pickling cucumbers and green beans is a likely possibility. Stay tuned to the website or give us a call as the season unfolds.  Watch the event calendar for our scheduled pick your own days…

Where can I buy your vegetables?

There are several ways to buy our vegetables…First, we will be participating in the Kingston Farmer’s Market.   Second, you can order by phone or email and we can arrange a pick up or drop off. Or you can stop by the farm!