The season is rolling!

The season has gotten off to a great and early start.  Onions are in the ground, along with a host of other early varieties.  In just a few days we’ll start planting melons, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, and about 50 other things for a great variety.  We’ll post updates on the rainy days…

About Us

We are passionate about growing food.  Even with all the crazy things going on in the world, we still look forward to working in the field every day.  Keep an eye on the website…we’ll post updates during the rainy days!

Our online store will be up and running near the end of March…

We’ll keep you posted on all of our fresh vegetable offerings, and hopefully on farm pickup, or local direct delivery will work for you.

Pickling Cucumbers

Get 20% Off when you order 20 lbs or more prior to May 15, 2020!

We’ll be offering early buy discounts on most items.  They’ll be in the online store, which should be running by the end of March…

Popular Offerings

This season, we’ll be offering bulk quantity discounts, and early order bonuses.

Summer squash…we’ll offer 11 varieties this year!

This season, we will offer three tasty heirloom varieties, 10 cherry varieties, and several beefsteak/canning types.  Plenty of color and flavor.

The sweet corn program will offer white, bi-color, and yellow sweet corn. 

We’re passionate about growing sweet onions.  Offerings include Walla Walla, white, and red.